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How to plant a hedge

HomeJM TVPlanting a hedge wellPlanting a hedge is important, the choice of shrubs and the right technique for planting hedge shrubs. Period, distance between shrubs, watering and mulching, here's how to make a success of your hedge. >> Discover all our articles devoted to hedges
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Vegetable garden

Staking tomatoes: tips and ideas

Most often, tomatoes are vegetable plants that never stop growing. They are said to be indeterminate, so to support them in their growth, it is important to provide them with appropriate support. What materials to use and what will be the best structure? And how do you attach the rod to the stake?
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Light flowers in your flower beds

To fill in the small spaces left empty or to lighten your flower beds with large flowers, bet on plants with vaporous flowers. They will lightly decorate your summer bouquets. Lightness in your flower beds The archetype of cloud flowers is the baby's breath and its tiny pompoms. This king of bouquets is demanding in sun and requires well-drained soil.
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How to build a roof terrace in 4 steps?

It's possible to transform your roof into a real garden of Eden while enjoying the view! Discover our tips for taking advantage of this roof terrace and making it a cocooning green setting. Its terrace The fruit trees for a small garden and terrace The roof, a new garden Modern buildings and houses often have flat concrete roofs.
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Plants and Health

Avocado: against bad cholesterol

Avocado is the fruit of the avocado tree or Persea Americana. The latter, from the Lauraceae family can reach 12 to 15 m in height. Originally from Central America, more precisely from Mexico, the avocado is present on our plates throughout the year. Rich in lipids, the avocado offers many virtues for our health and our beauty.
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Adopt a land turtle

Some tips for choosing and caring for your shell reptile. The adoption of a land turtle commits the host household because it will have to be cared for for many years. Buy your turtle from a reputable pet store. Avoid purchases between individuals or on the Internet.
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